Harrajuku? Kawaii not?!!

**sorry for the delay in posts!!
**sorry (not sorry) for the title pun!!

-Doutor is a friend to the Melbournian
-Everything sings here! It’s AWESOME!
-All rubbish bins in Japan are Ninjas // Rubbish bins are extremely hard to find (ANYWHERE!!)

I woke up giddy.
Today was the day.

Today was the day that I would visit my Disney Land.
(No, I don’t mean Tokyo Disney Land)

Today I was going to… HARRAJUKUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

I have been dreaming of visiting Harrajuku for over a decade.
The Kawaii fashion, the confidence and flair those Japanese trend setters!

As an extremely awkward and insecure teenager (who grew into a similarly awkward and insecure adult), I idolised the Kawaii fashionistas for their daring.
I wanted (want) to be the kind of person who could wear whatever, and be whatever they like!!

I may, or may not, have jumped on the boyfriend to wake him. Like a kid on Christmas!

We headed into Shinjuku, and we stopped for a coffee at a local Duotor.
Duotor is a cafe chain that, thankfully, makes not terrible coffee!

Coffee in Japan is….. black. Or with very sweet milk. Or with cream, and caramel, and sprinkles, and and and and…

However, Duotor has soy milk, and it delivers a coffee that is absolutely drinkable.
(I would give it a Melbournian C – because I am a wanker.)

Our first stop for the day was Tokyo.
Boyfriend and I were expecting a bustling metropolis. (A Shinjuku on steroids, if you will.) However, it was quiet, pristine, and almost all business.

We walked to the Chiyoda gardens, in search for the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
Unfortunately, the Palace was undergoing renovations, so we didn’t get to see it properly.
We took a few quick snaps of Nijubashi bridge, and started walking again.

Sadly, we walked completely the wrong way for any of the pretty parts of the imperial gardens. (Like a boss!!)

Boyfriend and I were both a little disappointed by the mornings findings. However, our spirits were bolstered with talk of Harrajuku!

We caught two trains from Tokyo to Harrajuku.
It was on this trip that I realised that EVERY train, as it arrives and departs, is announced with an adorable little melody!
The melodies change from station to station, and sometime with the different types of trains!
It made me feel like we were being followed by fairies with a tiny glockenspiel!

We arrive at Harrajuku station.
I was expecting a FEAST for the eyes from our very first step.
I was very disappointed to see a normal looking station, full of normal looking people, hurrying to and from normal life-y things.
I was a little heart broken.

On the other hand, Boyfriend was already on the hunt.
My boyfriend is a sneaker hunter, and he had his eye on a limited release Nike that would never see the shores of Australia.
Boyfriend dragged my depressed carcass from shop to shop. And shortly, with his lack of success, he developed a matching mood to mine.

We decided to dine, and we hit up the Heiroku Zushi sushi train.
This a pretty well-known sushi destination, full of decadent morsels and cheeky twists on classic combinations! (Highly recommend the Avocado Double Shrimp!)

This was Boyfriends first experience with sushi train, and he took to it like a duck to water! The meal cheered us up, and we started furiously googling.
Boyfriend found new hunting spots, and I discovered the Laforet Mall (aka Kawaii Mecca!).

Like intrepid adventurers, we set off once again!
On our way we found Kiddy Land, a four floor toy store.
I completely lost my shit at all the cuteness. Boyfriend kindly allowed me to drag him through Snoopy world, Hello Kitty town, and Sailor Moon heaven! He even had a pretty good time in the Star Wars section!!!

After Kiddy Land, Boyfriend and I parted ways. He continued the hunt, and I went skipping off towards Laforet.

I had crepes with ice cream, I gawked at things I couldn’t afford, and I squealed at all the fluffy/bling/retro/futuristic things. But most importantly, I found the Kawaii community!!
The skirts, the corsets, the hair clips, the colours!!

Boyfriend returned, once again foiled, and with waning enthusiasm.
My joy and his despair did not like each other. But we kept on strolling.
We headed to Harrajuku street.

I tried to give Boyfriend a pep talk.
(It was only somewhat effective.)
We thought we would give it one last try.
In the last sneaker store, under a ray of celestial light (with angelic choirs singing around us {this might be a little hyperbolic}) we found the legendary sneakers.

They were destined for him! Exactly the right style, exactly the right size.
We bought them instantly!

We spent the last few hours happily skipping from shop to shop.
Boyfriend took me to a little burger and beer vendor for dinner, and we headed home like victorious warriors.


Cute wink, cheeky "girl".

Cute wink, cheeky “girl”.


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