Sapporo Snow

-I love Mr. Donut.
-Snow is so much more beautiful when it’s a surprise.
-Japanese Beer is life changing!

So, we took a day to travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido.
Caught a very fast and comfortable train to the airport. Took a very short and comfortable plane trip. Then another train or two, and we arrived in Susukino, Sapporo.

Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. It’s also the least developed, so boyfriend added it to our list in the hopes of finding history, culture, and beer!

We arrived in the afternoon, had some chow, and headed in for a movie night.

For dinner we stopped at a little restaurant the smelt noodly and promised Gyoza.

It wasn’t until we had already stepped into the restaurant that we realised that we had to order our dinner via a vending machine!!
Boyfriend and I were a little nervous at first. You had to pay and select your meals from the vending machine, then you were given tickets to pass along to the chefs.
I think we managed out first attempt without looking to stupid or foreign. Maybe…

The food was great! And quick! And we accidentally (on purpose) ordered a few too many Gyoza!

There was a quick pit stop at Daiso, a Japanese $3 store, where we bought ALL OF THE CANDY!!
It was here that I had my chance to introduce boyfriend to my favourite addiction: Pocky!!
(We even found sweet potato flavoured Pocky – and it’s the fuckin’ best!!)

On out way back to the hotel, we stopped for crepes. It was Boyfriend’s first crepe, and his tiny mind was BLOWN!
My crepe had a whole slice of cheesecake, and ice cream inside it!

I discovered a little donut store on the corner of our street. The shop was called Mr. Donut, and we became fast friends! (I’d wink, but I’m too fat now…)

The travel had totally zonked us out, so we snuggled in the bed and watched a romantic movie – The Departed.
(God we love that movie so much.)

For our first proper day in Sapporo, Boyfriend and I headed to the Sapporo beer museum.
I thought to myself, “you’re such a fabulous girlfriend. This is going to be so boring, but you’re doing because you love him soooooo much”.

As Boyfriend and I stepped out of Sapporo station, we were instantly struck with the cold.
Tokyo had been fairly warm, and this was our first taste of Japanese winter.
We stopped to figure out our route, when suddenly I felt something small and cold land on my face.

I looked over and saw a little white fleck on the Boyfriends face.
We both looked up and suddenly realised, it had started to snow!!!
The two of us whirled around, searching for those sweet white spots as they fell gently to the ground.
It felt like magic.

As quickly as it started, the snow stopped. So we set off.
We walked from Sapporo station to the museum. In hindsight, we should have rented some bikes from the station. The walk was long, boring, chilly, and grey.

When we found the museum, it stood out like a beacon of colour and warmth. Boyfriend and I were both very excited to see the Sapporo Star.

The museum was EXCEPTIONALLY FUN!! And I was completely stunned.
I mostly hate beer. I try to drink it, due to a feeling of Australian inadequacy (teenagers can be assholes). But I pretty much hate it.
So when we talked about visiting the museum, I was sure it would be a total snore fest.

The museum was free to visit, it had a really useful English exhibition guide, and the museum staff were exceptionally sweet.
And the exhibitions were AMAZING!!
Large scale and beautiful!

After the exhibitions, there is a basement beer tasting hall where you can sit, eat nuts, and drink ALL THE BEERS!!
I LOVE Japanese beer. It’s light, the flavours are delicate, and it’s very easy to drink.

Boyfriend and I decided to stop at the Sapporo Beer Museum Beer Hall, so we heading back into the chilly outside.

While dawdling and photographing, we noticed those magical white flakes tumbling past our noses.
This time the snow flurried around us for nearly 10 minutes!
I twirled around like a little girl, while boyfriend tried to catch the flakes on his hand. It was completely glorious!!

After the flurry, was the beer hall.
There was more beer, and freshly grilled snacks of chicken and salmon.
Yumbo Jumbo!

After the beer museum, and before the heavens could open upon us, Boyfriend and I went back to the hotel.
We spent some time warming up, before heading once more into the fray.

There was a fab looking Izakaya restaurant across from the hotel, where Boyfriend and I ate ourselves completely silly.
This restaurant was our first opportunity to eat at the old school, Japanese kneeling tables.
Boyfriend and I quickly decided that our knees were not meant for this level of Tom foolery.

After dinner we took a stroll, and had our first experience in a Japanese gaming arcade!
ALL OF THE LIGHTS!! And the music and the dance machines!!

Boyfriend and I found a hilarious Zombie shooting game, where an all Girl Jap-Pop group has been turned into zombies. You have to shoot them so they can come back to life. I think inevitably they sing a song and the town stops being zombified, but Boyfriend and I were laughing too hard to do very well.

All arcades in Japan have games devoted to playing the Taiko.
Taikos are the great big Japanese drums.
Boyfriend and I played one of these games and, despite the sweating and palpitations, it’s now one of my favourite video games ever.

Once we reached the hotel, we popped our exhausted little selves to bed.

Sweet Leo, on his period

Sweet Leo, on his period

Boyfriend and I, just before our first snow

Boyfriend and I, just before our first snow


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