In the air again

Hello blog! I have missed you so!
Guess where I am? I’m in JAPAN!!
AAAAND I finally have a travel buddy! My sweet boyfriend and I have set off on a short sweet adventure.

My travel bug was giving me some serious itch. I’d spent the last 24 months resettling in Melbourne, and surviving a number of personal traumas. Around the 18 month mark I was getting terrible pangs of “staying in one place” pains.

Also Boyfriend had never travelled before (outside of some family trips to Fiji), and I was desperate to begin his initiation into traveler-hood.

After months of saying “we should book some flights soon…” the two of us finally frustrated ourselves into action. And this is why we now find ourselves on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

The instant our flights were booked, both of our lives felt suddenly re-energised. Moments of joy were heightened. Feelings of sadness could be tamed with a single word – Japan.

We have flown into Narita, and our itinerary is Tokyo – Sapporo – Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo.
I have been dreaming of Harrajuku and Kawai fashion since I was a teenager. Boyfriend and his family have been enchanted by the traditional Japanese carvings and earthenware for generations.

Well, enough with the introductions, ON WITH THE SHOW!

In serious need of sleep and sushi!

In serious need of sleep and sushi!


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