The Perpetual Motion Steph

After being COMPLETELY BRUTALISED in my massage at Hong Kong airport; I am now happily sitting in my plane to Melbourne (FUCKIN’YEAH!) and I’m feeling like writing again. Yay!

So, back to Salzburg:

Sunday November 11th

For my final full day in Salzburg, Karen and I needed a little sleep in. (Lolz, self-inflicted.) But after a lovely morning of snoozing and giggly remembrances of our hilarious evening, we decided to climb the Monchberg.

It was such a lovely walk.
A gentle slope, covered with golden trees and surrounded by the cold, bright views of Salzburg.
We stopped for a coffee, atop the mountain, at the Modern Art Museum before wandering back down the mountain and towards the warmth of home.

Back at Karen’s, we sat down to a traditionally Viennese lunch of meats and cheese and load bearing crackers.
Mega Yums.

We rested, watched Tripod vs the Dragon, made green curry for dinner and tried to soak up the last of our time together.

Monday November 12th

I woke up way too early and couldn’t force myself back to sleep.
I felt head-achey and I was dripping with exhaustion.
I went to have a shower and discovered the beginnings of a coldsore.
I tried to finish packing but my luggage refused to close. I had to unpack and repack 3 times.

I was so very sad to think of leaving. I didn’t want to say good bye to Karen, I didn’t want to say goodbye to Salzburg and I didn’t want to enter into the final stage of my trip.
However, with flights to catch and classes to attend, Karen and I were forced to say farewell.
I cried all the way to the train station.

I got to W.A. Mozart airport, boarded my flight to London, landed, caught the train into town and waited for my lovely cousin to find me at Victoria Station.
By this point, my lip had swollen like a bee sting and my spirits were at an all time low.
When I saw my cousin Tina’s happy, shining face greeting me at the station, I could barely comprehend it.

Tuesday November 13th.

I could barely get out of bed. I spent the day watching comedy central, treating my lip, eating Vegemite toast, and feeling sorry for myself.
I watched the latest season of Dr. Who, in one sitting (CRYFORTHEPONDS). Not the best way to stabilize my mood.
Thank god for Tina and her lovely family for showering me with love.

Wednesday November 14th.

I couldn’t believe it, but I woke up feeling worse!!
I was SO FRUSTRATED!!! I didn’t want to waste what precious little time I had left, sitting on the couch watching 90’s sitcom reruns.
And what was worse, I was missing out on my final days with Yolande!!

In a state of frenzy, I collected all my grumpy energy and sent myself into the local high street for vitamins and tea tree oil.

Thankfully, by the end of the day, I had started to recover and the world seemed a little brighter.

I’ll leave this blog here. The next blog will detail my final days of travel, and I promise they were much happier.

Pictured – The views from Monchberg, the beautiful river running through Salzburg and the mascot for my adventures through Salzburg – Mr. Spazzy Horse.





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