Back on Track

Hey babies!!

Now that I am on my way home, I finally have enough energy and time to write more blogs.

Unfortunately; the day I had to leave Salzburg, I started getting really ill. By the time I was in London, I had a massive cold sore, a terrible migraine and furious fists to shake at the universe.
It took me two days to be well enough to get up and do anything. Then I spent my final days running around like a crazy lady, trying to cram in as much London as I could manage in the short time I had left.

But right now, I’m sitting on my flight to Hong Kong, I’m waiting for my pain killers to kick in and I got that ‘writing feeling’.

SO, let’s finish my stories from Salzburg…
(Jesus, I’m so disorganized.)

Friday November 9th

Karen had a busy day of classes, so I got to luxuriate in bed for a while.
With my free morning, I headed into My Indigo for a long, lazy brunch.

To my lucky luck, Samanta was coming to Salzburg for a signing lesson on Saturday(!!) so I soon had a friend to wander through town with!!
Our reunion was INCREDIBLY SQUEALY!! We found each other on a bridge, the barriers of which are coated with padlocks left by lovers seeking that illusive ‘forever’.
The two of us walked through the older part of town, taking in the historic buildings and tiny shops.
Note: Shopping in Salzburg is pretty ‘spensy’.

Karen finished her classes and came to find Sam and I.
Karen and Sam had never really met before but, after hearing me blather incessantly about how much they would like each other, their meeting was pretty Sqwee-filled.

Moments after the girls had their official meeting, I officially met the most gorgeous pair of shoes ever!!!!!!!!!!(OMG)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me be clear, these shoes are in NO WAY built to be particularly successful at the walking activity.
But they are so gorgeous. I WAS INCAPABLE OF SAYING THE NO WORD!!!!
(Sam and Karen, as rational women who aren’t as massively effected by gender stereotypes as I am, sat patiently as I lost the power of speech while trying on the shoes of glory/death.)

After shoes, the three of us checked out the Korean restaurant that was built into the Mozarteum. It was mightily tasty.
(Question: why don’t all universities come with Korean restaurants?)
Then the three of us rendezvoused with two of Karen’s new school friends and we went to see the new Bond Movie.
The movie was ….. very Bond. (Not a Bond fan, please forgive.) But Kiandra and Claire (Karen’s lovely new friends) were super gorgeous and fun.

Saturday November 10th

Karen, having only been in Salzburg for a month or so, still had a million little things to do in her quest to become a TRUE Salzburgian. So, she went and ran crazy-frustrating errands while I played tourist for the day.

I wandered back into the old part of town and found a tiny street market full of tasty pretzels, tacky souvenirs and a fucking legit Oompah band. Complete with liederhosen!

I decided to spend my morning within the cold stone walls of the Hohensalzburg fortress, where I found some of the most spectacular views I have EVER seen. After her voice lesson, Sam came to find me at the fortress and we wandered around the eerie courtyards and through a tiny museum devoted to this LITERALLY impregnable fortress. (Seriously, it was never taken by force. Never.)

Sam and I headed back into town, and waddled exhaustedly towards Karen and the Augustiner Brewery.
Originally, this brewery was built and run by an ancient order of Augustinian monks. It was established in 1612 but has EXPLODED into a mahoosive beer hall, with 5 separate halls for tables and an entire alley devoted to tasty food/slabs of meat.

Sam, Karen and I successfully conquered a litre and a half of beer each. (YESS!)
Then, like responsible adults, we three skipped through the darkened streets and delivered Samanta (only slightly sozzled) to the train station for her onward journey to Paris.

Down a team member, but not deterred, Karen and I went whirling through the streets again seeking our next Salzburgian experience.
K took me to a tiny, crowded bar FULL of students that specialized in crazy flavored beers. We drank chocolate beer and mango beer while we marveled at our good fortune to find ourselves in Salzburg and to have friends such as we.

Karen, with rumbling tumbly, took me “The best Kebabs in Salzburg”. (I have been ruined for all future kebabs, stupid Berlin being the best at everything!!!)
I accidentally made friends with the chefs by making fun of their trashy music, which Karen found hilarious, and the four of us briefly held a conversation consisting of “kangaroo?” (giggle) “kangaroo.” (more giggle) “KANGAROO!!” (EXPLOSIONS OF GIGGLE!!).

We began to saunter home. Karen nommed her kebab. I enjoyed the twinkling skyline in the rapidly running river. (Ooh! Sexy alliteration!)
The whole experience was just gorgeous.

Around the corner from Karen’s apartment, K spotted a gigantic pile of leaves. (Now, anyone who has met Karen would know that the woman is incapable for letting autumn leaves lay.) So, naturally, she THREW herself into the leaves and immediately started making ‘Leaf Angels’.
This completely crippled me with laughter.
I took some sneaky photos, then I flopped to the ground as well.
What a wonderful city. What wonderful friend. How wonderful it felt to be.

Alright kiddies, I’ve landed in HK and i’ma run to my nearest massage.

Pictured – One of the views from the fortress, one of the creepy courtyards, a crazy display of armor in the tiny museum.





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