Just one of my favourite things

Right at this moment (my moment, not your moment. Your moment is probably way after my moment), I am sitting in the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airport (aka Salzburg airport. aka lol) about to bid adieu to Austria.

Salzburg is a beautiful city, full of history and life and mountains and streams and happy.

But I’m biased.
The time I have spent in Salzburg has been colored and glorified by a VERY special reunion.

A couple of years ago, I met an amazing woman called Karen.
Our friendship over the years has been intense and close and wonderful and full of love and honesty. And we have managed an amazing friendship despite regularly being cities or continents away from each other.
We hadn’t been able to see much of each other this year. Until Karen was offered a postgrad position to study for 12 months at the Mozarteum (a prestigious music university) in Salzburg. We both quickly realised that we would be in Salzburg AT THE SAME TIME (!!!) so we’ve been plotting this reunion for months.

Karen and I have spent most of the past 5 days Sqwee-ing, laughing and eating. And it has felt like my soul has been energized by the good times we’ve shared.

On the 7th of November, I got up at 5:30am so I could be on the first train to my lady and my Sburg.
The moment I stepped off the train, I saw snow capped mountains, flame colored autumn trees and smelt the freshest air I have ever found.
When Karen and I saw each other on the platform, we RAN into each others arms, squished each other violently and squealed like little girls.

Karen took me to her sweet little flat where I unpacked, did washing (FUCKYEAH!) and rested while she bundled herself off to class.
Later we went for a walk around town, then Karen went to her Stage Fencing Class (JEALOUS!!) and then the two of us went to a tavern/restaurant for a traditional Austrian dinner – SLAB OF MEAT WITH POTATO DUMPLINGS AND BEERS!!!
So tasty. So fun.

Then next day, the two of us went on the Panorama Sound of Music Tour!!
And it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

In a little red minivan, shared with a charming (if Republican) couple from Texas and a VERY over zealous tour guide; Karen and I made our way through the city, to various sights and up into the mountains to see the lake district.
We saw the front of the Von Trapp manor, the back of the VonTrapp manor (funnily enough, not the same building), the gazebo where Liesel and Rolf get all romantic, the lake the kids fall into, the steps they jump about on and the church where the wedding scene was shot.

Karen and I spent the duration of the tour in the back of the bus, squealing in perfect unison and singing along to the soundtrack.
As a filthy tourist, I have to say, I highly recommend the tour. You see lots of movie specific stuff, but you also get to go into the more rural areas and Salzburg gets prettier the higher up you go.

After the tour, Karen took me to cafe My Indigo.
This is now my second favourite cafe in the world. (The wifi was faster at Oberhalz. :P)
My Indigo is devoted to quick, fresh, healthy bowls of yum.
The food was SUPER DELICIOUS, really cheap, and so healthy that you felt like gloating about it later. And the BEST thing about this cafe was it’s massive spice stand with 5 different spiced oils and 15 different blended salts and peppers!

A post lunch lethargy descended upon us, so Karen and I waddled back to her apartment and napped. Like bosses.

We got up, cooked dinner (HORRAYFORCOOKING!!!) and reveled in the triumph of our day.

A’ight, I’ma leave this blog here cuz I need to board my flight.
But I’ll have more stories for you soon.


Pictured – Karen and I with our Gazebo friend, the back & lake at the Von Trapp manor and a sweet little flower from My Indigo




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