Ignoring the inevitable

You may have noticed a drop in my blog writing productivity.
Well…. I feel very conflicted these days.
So much of me is weary from travel and ready to return home. And yet I cant even fathom having to leave these beautiful countries and cities.

I have been writing.
But it’s been forced, ugly and boring.

I’m preoccupied by how heart broken I’m going to be when I get home.
IY miss you all, so very much. But this trip has been very important for me.
I feel like my metal has been tested by every new city and every new experience.
It already feels so hard to let go. To willingly put thousands of miles between my “real” life and the places I love.

So it’s hurting to write about my recent adventures.

Also, since arriving in Salzburg, I’ve been having such a brilliant time that I haven’t had a spare moment!!

But let me finish off my stories from Vienna…

My second day in Vienna, Monday 5th of November, was spent in an auditory whirl. I had planned to visit Haus der Musik (a museum devoted to sound and music) and I was lucky enough to procure a ticket to the Opera!

However, the most exciting part of the day was my very special lunch date.
I had organised to lunch with Sonia, a girl from my degree at the ANU who graduated a few years before me.
In real life, we’d had VERY little to do with each other. But whenever I told my music friends that I was heading to Vienna, they all INSISTED that I should catch up with Sonia if I could.

Lunch was so much fun.
Sonia, her friend Pavl and I enjoyed wonderful/terrible pub food and flowing/raucous conversation.

Next I headed over to the Haus der Musik, which was …. an experience.
HdM is a small museum devoted to music and sound. It has a strange collection of things on exhibit. But it was really fun.

The first floor, devoted to the Vienna Symphony, had a “concert room” where you could watch a previous Vienna Symphony New Years Eve concert. Which was lovely and made me miss my papa.
The second floor, devoted to the perception of sound, started with a room that was built to simulate sound as it is perceived in the womb. (!!!)
The third floor was a rabbit warren of small rooms devoted to great Austrian composers like Haydn, Mozart, Strauss and Schoneburg. Each room even had a relic to be admired, like the door of the apartment where Beethoven had died or the tiny spectacles that Strauss used to wear for composing.
The fourth room was SUPER interactive and I spent a lot of time playing with one station where you could conduct a simulated Vienna Symphony.

While having lunch with Sonia, she suggested that I attend that evenings performance of ‘La Cambiale di Matrimonio’ at the Kammer Oper theatre. Her lovely husband Ben, who was also a previous ANU vocal student just before me, was playing the role of ‘Slook’ – a hapless Canadian.
So after HdM, I cluelessly waddled my way to the theatre (which is how I found the Dragon Bar) and capped off my day with a very interesting and funny evening of Rossini.

My third and final day in Vienna (November 6th) I got up late, brunched for AGES and strolled over to the Leopold Museum.
It was closed. Ferk.

Instead I plodded through the city. It was cold and blustery.
I found the Albertina, another gallery in the centre of town, and decided to use it as shelter from the cold.

The Albertina was ok.
It has a tiny collection of art from a strange collection of eras.
However, I did really enjoy their new exhibition of arts works, commission by Kaiser Maximilian I, which were mainly of himself (& his massive Hapsburg schnoz!). The collection was surrounded by history and tales of royals misbehaving.

Sonia and Ben, very kindly invited me for dinner at their lovely flat in Vienna.
We spent most of the evening nomming and giggling hysterically.
It was really nice.

Ok my darlings, that is the end of my tales from Vienna.
I still have a buttload to tell you, but I’m a pretty tired monkey.
I’m leaving Salzburg tomorrow ( 😦 ) to return to London. So hopefully I will be able to write more in transit.

Missing you all, all the time.

Pictured – A surprise (and rather rugged) statue of Mozart that I found in my wanderings in Vienna, the triumphant statue across from the State Library in Vienna and a historic building come H&M in the centre of town.




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