The good shit 30/10/12

I genuinely believe in the cathartic release of stress through venting.
Thank you all so much for putting up with my last blog. (You’re also totally forgiven if you skipped it.)

Now I can tell you about the lovely things that have happened in Paris.
The lovely things that prevented a massive, public nervous breakdown.

October 30th
So, after my brutal morning and while I was still buzzing with worry, I decided that I wasn’t up to wandering around a museum. I decided to head to the Galleries L’Affayete for a gentle stroll.

GLA is pretty boring.
It’s full of things that cost way more than the materials and the labor are actually worth. And full of people with too much money. Yuck.

I knew there was an Opera house near by so I decided to wander towards it.
I found the gift shop first. Then I found a sign pointing out where to buy tickets for “the tour”.

I went to the ticket box and was talked into buying a ticket for the English language tour at 2:30pm by a darling French Monsieur.
I had two and a half hours to kill so
I decided to wander the house.

It. Is. Stunning.
It certainly rivals the Semper Opera House in Dresden.

The Opera National de Paris Palais Garnier was commissioned by Napoleon to be the main Opera House of France. He held a competition for architects to design the building. The winner was an inexperienced 35 year old with big dreams.
And what a fucking triumph.

It is eclectically decorated, using different artistic genres and mediums in each room. Beautifully mosaiced ceilings, giant golden chandeliers, a rainbow collection of marble. I was enraptured.

I still had time to kill so I decided to do lunch at the ÜBER swanky restaurant inside the Palais.
The restaurant lay out was so interesting! An undulating partition was lain in the main dining room providing each table the feeling of privacy and quietude. The interiors were all styled with bright whites and reds. The tables, chairs and cutlery were obviously designed exclusively for the restaurant.

The meal was fantastic.
Immediately upon sitting at my table I was served a complimentary entré. A shot glass full chopped fresh salmon, tomato, chives and topped with cream cheese.
I ordered their salmon starter; fresh salmon topped with chives, a lightly toasted slice of horseradish infused brioche with MUSTARD ICE CREAM! (Yep, you heard me.)
Ah. Mah. Zing.

I had just enough time to piggy back on the restaurants wifi to post my last few blogs and to RUN to the rendezvous for my tour.
The tour was incredibly enlightening. Full of history and insight.

After the tour, I took a few moments to take in the buildings impressive facade. Then I made my way home.
What a wonderful ending to, what started off as, such a shit day.

I hope you’re all having adventures back at home. Xx

Pictured – statues illuminate the mosaiced ceiling, the stage, and the golden main hall.




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