A holy day was here

My day at the Louvre had fallen (unbeknownst to me) smack bang on Halloween. And when I met the lovely Matthew for drinks in the evening, we found ourselves surrounded by giggling gouhls and tipsy goblins.

It took us both a few minutes to figure out why everyone was so festively costumed. But when we did, Matthew also realized that ‘tomorrow’ (1st of November) would be All Saints Day – a major public holiday in Paris.

Matthew warned me that most of the city would be closed for the holiday, which put a serious spanner in the works for the day I had planned.

I woke up at 5am to the sounds of heavy rain.
The sounds of Parisian rain is very different to how it sounds at home. In my tiny Parisian apartment, the rain sounded like 1000 snare drums leading a soldiers march.

I fell back to sleep, but was awoken again at around 7:30am to the sound of hail on my tiny balcony.
Boo-urns. Rain, hail AND a public holiday. Surely my touristic plans had been dashed for the day.

I spent the morning googling the best way to get to the airport (for my eventual departure), Parisian post office working hours (for yet another package of goodies sent home) and whether ANYTHING would be open today

I eventually found a tiny travel blog that said that most tourist sights would be open and I POUNCED while the rain had stopped and the enthusiasm had returned.
I flung myself about the apartment to get ready and I flew through the door.
I decided to visit the Notre Dame and, to my great fortune, it was open.

Notre Dame is the most beautiful place I have ever visited.
Religion in Australia is nowhere near this beautiful.

I was lucky to have entered the Cathedral during a fleeting period of sunshine between rain storms. The extra light streaming through the stained glass windows made the interiors literally glow!
I purchased an audio guide and strolled around the Cathedral. It was, in the most literal sense, completely awesome.

There was a separate queue to enter the towers of the cathedral and, to my great dismay, it was absolutely massive and completely exposed to the rain.
I decided not to see the towers, but I know that I have missed something spectacular.
(Oh well, guess I’ll just have to come back!)

I had a quite lunch at a cafe next door (another croque. This time it was the Monsieur!). I then wandered through some souvenir places and headed to the Marais.

I wandered through the tiny, wonky streets of the Marais. Got lost several times. Found 60€ in an abandoned ATM (which made me think of Alice and her trick for improving a story). And then made my way home to my warm apartment, where I spent the evening writing blogs.

I’m so bummed that I have had to stockpile my blogs instead of posting them. But that’s the trouble of intermittent wifi availability.
Hopefully I’ll find some soon or I’ll probably drown you all with new posts!! Lol.

Missing you all in the purple light of the Notre Dame.

Pictured – Each candle is a prayer, the magnificent Rose Window & the lady who inspired it all.




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