Birthday of Champions


So today’s blog will be about the gorgeous day I have spent with Yolande and her family; celebrating, eating and being pretty freaking Dutch!

This morning we rose early for a family breakfast.
Els had gotten up SUPER early to decorrate the house with bunting and streamers, so mine and Yolande’s first sight was a house tramsformed for celebration.

Els, Yolande, Yolande’s brothers (Xander & Colin) and I gathered for a traditional Dutch breakfast of fairy bread.
I’m not even kidding.
It was fresh bread with butter and an array of different sprinkles.
Why don’t ALL countries eat fairy bread for breakfast?!
I ask you??!!

Soon after our luxurious breakfast the house was to be filled with family members. So Yoande and I started to prepare the lunch. Due to he recent move to London, it was decided hat lunch should have a british flare. To that end, Yolande and I spent a happy hour making Club Sandwiches and singing little songs about the happiness of bacon.

The house was soon filled with awesome Dutchmen. Both sets of grandparents, an aunt and uncle and two sons, an uncle and aunt and tiny baby & avery excited puppy named Sita! The house was suddenly, and happily flooded with giggling and rapid fire Dutch. I tried to follow the conversations in Dutch, but everyone also spoke English and they helped me along when I got too confused.

The food was great (there was a massive bowel of Poffertjes, I worked VERY hard not to sqwee). The family was friendly and warm. And the day was typified by a feelings of contentment and love.

That evening, Yolande’s Father and his girlfriend visited for dinner.
There was more AMAZING food and conversation.
I feel very lucky to have spent this special days with Yolande and her wonderful family.
Awe. Some. Sauce.

No pictures – I was too busy eating.
Please forgive.

4 responses to “Birthday of Champions

  1. You’re my FAVOURITE.

  2. Jenni woods

    So wonderful to read about your travels, warts and all. Give Yolande a big happy 21st birthday hug from me, she’s just one day older than my baby! Can’t wait to see you back home soonish. Jenxx

    • Hey lovely Jen, thanks so much for the loves. Yolande loved her hug. I can’t wait to get home to hear about Tess’s amazing birthday surprise!!

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