What. A. Day.

23/10/12 The morning blog

It’s 1:45pm, and I am literally counting the hours before I can go back to bed and sleep of the RUBBISH that was today.
Let me tell you about the day so far….

I woke up this morning TOTALLY debilitated with womb pain. Endometriosis for the win. (fml)
This meant the involuntary cancelation of my plans to see the Ann Frank House and the Homomonument. Awesome.

Left the apartment at 12pm. The sweet owner of my apartment helped me take all my bags to Amsterdam Centraal station.
At 4:16 I needed to hop on a train to Woerden to meet Yolande’s Muma so we could pick up Yolande. This meant I had a few hours to kill.
I dropped my bags at the luggage lockers in Centraal and I hit the streets.

I accidentally found the St. Nicolaaskerk, so I thought I would continue my touristic venture and try to find the Oude Kerk.
I got really lost. I have no idea how, it’s only a block away! But that is my level of directional skill. (so. super. useful.)

While stumbling around like a confused puppy, a creepy old dude started following me. Despite protectively clutching my possessions and trying to make it obvious that I could see him, he followed me around and entire city block. I only managed to loose him by entangling myself in a massive tour group before running into some shops.
I was quite freaked out.

After my daring attempt to loose my new stalker, I found myself outside the Venus Temple – Sex Museum. It had been recommended to me by a few people so I thought it could be a good way to pass the time.

The museum was, in a word; grotesque.
In two words; entirely sickening.
And my fellow museum goers were not the most upstanding people I’ve ever witnessed, either.

I left the museum feeling ill and vulnerable, and I officially quit the whole day!
I’ll finish this installment here. I am now sitting in a cafe, killing time ’til I can get on my train and be amongst sane persons.

23/10/12 The evening blog

Got on the right train. Got off at the right station. Found Yolande’s mother.
And the sense of relief that washed over me almost reduced me to tears.
I thought that, if i let myself fall apart in that moment, Els (Landie’s muma) would begin to worry about what mad ‘thing’ she was letting into her house, so I tried my best to keep it together.

Els was so lovely. She made me dinner. She let me use her washer and dryer (I could have KISSED her, I was so excited by the prospect of clean clothing). And we sat and chatted for a few hours while we waited for Yolande’s train to arrive in Rotterdam.

Yolande arrived at 11:08pm, and by the time we got home it was her 21st birthday!!
Cuddles were bestowed, presents presented, and in the sweet safety of familiar faces, I fell very quickly to sleep.

Pictured – A splashy duck, a street to hit, the Nicolaaskerk surrounded by mist




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