24 little hours

So I was going to tell you about MY AMAZING SUNDAY!! But I’ve had such a lovely day that I’ma take some time out to write about it….

Not long after I wrote my previous blog, my night (October 15) improved dramatically. This was due ENTIRLEY to the lovely night I spent with Sam and her friend Ali.
We had AMAZING Asian Fusion Tapas for dinner and then beers at a gorgeous/grungey bar near the apartment. The conversation flowed happily. The crowd was friendly. And it was exactly what I needed.

After my delightful evening, I slept incredibly well.
I even woke up feeling a little better (keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?)!
Gentle but warm morning sun was streaming through my window. My new choc-chip yoghourt was totally delightful. Everything was too perfect.

I was late to class because I lost track of time, staring out my window. But my teacher didn’t care because he had wanted to do the same. (Oh Ludwig. You’re such a dude!)
The 3 spaniards in my class were making hysterical mistakes in their German phrases (one of them accidentally demanded that the whole class accompany him to the toilet IMMEDIATELY!! Lolz), and the class spent most of our time giggling.

After class I walked to Oberhalz.
It was sunny, and warm enough for me not to wear my mahoosive coat (for the first time since I arrived!!). On my walk I got every green light and my shuffling iPod played an eclectic mix of Aussie tunes.

A fucking magic morning.

Sammy met me at Oberhalz and we sat and soaked up the sun.
We decided to journey to Brandenburg Gate and, within minutes, Sam and I found ourselves transported. The Gate was incredible and imposing.
We walked from Brandenburg to the Reichstag. Another imposing and incredibly German looking building.
I found it so confronting to see these two ‘Quintessential’ Berlin tourist sights.
While beautiful, to me they both screamed “Terrible things were done here. You must never forget this!”

Next we headed over to Check Point Charlie.
On the way there, Sam and I accidentally discovered an interestingly decorated, left wing News Paper building. (Pictured below. Ehrrm, yeah..)
Check Point Charlie was yet another surreal experience for me.
I have been seeing the final remaining vestiges of the Berlin Wall almost all over the city, but it has been hard to conceptualise what the wall meant for the people of Germany. CPC really puts it into perspective.

Finally, in the dimming light of the afternoon, Sam and I headed over to an outdoor exhibition called ‘Topography of Terror’.
Of the various sights we visited today, this was my favorite.
This permanent exhibition takes a very honest look at the terrible things that have been perpetrated and suffered by Germans in the past.

When I got home, my sweet and incredible friend Karen (who has recently moved to Salzburg) called, and IT WAS SO FUCKING LOVELY TO HEAR A FRIENDLY VOICE!
I’ve been very lucky in Berlin to have Sammy as my personal tour guide.
But hearing from Karen made me feel so much closer to home and all you favorites who aren’t here with me.

Gosh, I love you all. BEINBERLINWITHME!!!

Pictured – My terrific Asian tapas, that “decorative” building, a piece of the wall near CPC and a propaganda poster from the Topography of Terror.





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