Not unlike a whirlwind

I’m losing track of the days in Berlin.
Every day has been a flurry of activity. And every night has been more of an adventure than the last.
I’m finding it totally incomprehensible how quickly my time has been passing here!!
And it’s tragic in a way. I love Berlin; more than I ever expected. I don’t want my time here to end.

The pace I’ve been keeping has probably been a little ambitious.
I’m still dealing with the tail ends of jet lag and I’m still a little ill (though 1000 x better, thank fuck!).
But I have been so lucky here and it’s been difficult to say no to anything!!

Right now I’m sitting at St. Oberhalz, trying to write, but I’m completely exhausted.
Exhausted in a very satisfying way. Exhausted in the way that a child is after play.
But exhausted none the less.

Due to this exhaustion, I’m going to roll the past three days adventures into one blog.
I know, I’ve tried this before and it hasn’t worked well. But, now that I know that people are reading (and even enjoying!!) my blog, I don’t want to write anything halfarsed. And I know that if I try to write three blogs, they will be shit and I will be wrecked.

So…here goes.

October 10.
Some classmates and I went on an excursion to the German Film Museum. I mainly agreed to attend because there was talk of beers afterwards. However, as has been the case on several occasions in Europe, I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this museum was.
It really focused on the history of German cinema, paying close attention to Silent Films and the early Talkies.
These were films that were lovingly crafted, intricately designed and impeccably portrayed despite their technological deficiencies.
There were 2 antechambers that were completely devoted to Marlene Dietrich. I hadn’t seen much of her work before this, but now I know that I could happily watch her forever.
What an incredibly talented and mesmerizing woman.

After the museum, a few of us went for some beers. We were having trouble nailing down where we should go so I offered to lead the group the bar I had visited the night before.
(Note: I should never be put in charge of leading people to a geographical destination. Ever.)
We eventually found the bar and our small group spent a few fine hours drinking, giggling and celebrating our cultural differences and similarities (we were an Aussie, A Londoner, 2 Spaniards and a Norwegian! Pretty great, right?!).

October 11.
The day wasn’t too remarkable. A coffee here. Some cake there.
But that night, Sammy took me to the Staatsoper to see La Traviata.

You have NO IDEA how truly lucky I feel to have seen 2 operas in as many weeks.
This is an almost impossible sentence for an Australian Opera goer. It’s so expensive!!
And this expense springs mainly from the lack of support that classical music performance is afforded in Australia on the whole. While in Europe, people as young as 15/16, people as old as Methusala (and every age in between) come out in droves to sit in the dark and have their hearts broken or mended by the incomparable energies of the Opera.
This makes me happy. And sad. But I’m not in the mood for a rant right now.

Another Opera in a nutshell: Girl was very poor. Girl becomes a fabulous party girl, whose lifestyle is maintained by the Gentlemen who want to be seen with her (though not really a prostitute). Girl has consumption and is dying. Boy meets girl. They both fall immediately in love. (OH THE REALITY!!) Boys father visits girl and convinces her that boy’s life would be ruined if she didn’t end their relationship immediately. Girl brakes up with boy. At a crowded party, boy basically calls girl a whore and throws money at her. Girl gets very sick. Boy figures out that he’s been a massive dickhole and realises that his father has intervened in his relationship. Boy RUNS back to girl and for a fleeting moment you think there will be a happy ending. Girl dies.
The production was good. The singers were talented, if a little young. The directorial interpretation was VERY dark and crueler than I would have set it. The set was incredibly sparse with 1 chair as the only prop for the entire show. The costuming was very clever.

I found the production quite perplexing but beautiful. And I managed to keep my shit together, unlike with Boheme, which choose to see as personal growth. 😛

After the Opera, Sam, her friend Andy and I grabbed a few drinks.
I love bars and cafes in Berlin. Each one feels like their creators put A LOT of love and care and art into every last detail.

October 12
Last day of classes for my first week in Berlin. A beautiful but heartbreaking realization.
A few class mates went for lunch. Then Sam took me to he Turkish markets. They were a whirlwind of color and energy and fruit and fabrics. We went to a GORGEOUS cafe called Katie’s Blue Cat, which I just adored and would totally recommend, for cookies (AHMAHZING) and peppermint tea.
One of my absolute favorite things about Berlin is that, when you order peppermint tea anywhere, you get a tall glass of hot water that’s STUFFED with fresh mint leaves. It’s visually beautiful and incredibly fresh tasting.

Afterwards we went to a big Paella party being thrown by one of Sam’s friends. The Paella was stupidly good and we met some fantastic Aussies! A massive group journeyed to a rad indie bar called Rosi’s and we danced for hours.
When I eventually got home, I felt so content.

Ok babes, that’s all I got for now.
I hope your well, happy and dreaming sweetly.
Is love.

Pictured – My beautiful school, incredible graffiti near the Turkish Markets, the fab new Aussies and C-c-cat woman….w-w-w-win.

I forgot to mention, but simply MUST tell you…
Before the Opera, Sam and I went to grab a quick dinner. The food was taking ages and we were rapidly running out of time. We got the food to go and had to sneak this massive bag of pork schnitzel and chips into the Opera with us!!!
It was a feat of acrobatic flexibility and constantly fluttering eyelashes.
The WHOLE way through the first half, all we could smell was pork.

Sometimes I am amazed by how incredible my life can be.






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