I’m and old lady in Berlin

Today (10/10/12 for your reference) I have woken up with the most emphasemic sounds cough that I have ever heard, let alone physically created.
This awful, nasty cold that I developed in Dresden has developed a root system in my throat and I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Words cannot express how grumpy I am about this.

But I don’t want to spend this whole blog whingeing.
I would much prefer to tell you about my adventures yesterday.

SO second day of classes. I can now introduce myself, ask you to introduce yourself, use a few verbs, vaguely understand pronouns and the word Artz actually means doctor. (Pretty impressive, right?)
But the real fund came after class….

It just so happens that a friend of mine from Canberra, the lovely Samanta, had moved to Berlin a few months ago to study German, do some singing and live the life.
When we realised that we were going to Benin the same foreign city (oh so much the sqweeeeee) we instantly resolved to meet and Semanta kindly offered to show me around.

We met yesterday, after our simultaneous language courses for cake and chatter at St. Oberhalz (honestly kids, I’m in love with this cafe).
After this, Semanta took me to the Museum Insel (it’s like an inlet on a lake that is CHOC-A-BLOC with museums! I’ma be spending a lot of time there) and we spent a few glorious hours at the Pergamon Museum.

The city of Pergamon was originally located off the coast of turkey, across from Greece, and was originally built in the third Century BC. Inside this MASSIVE city was a HUGE temple, built for the worship of Zeus and his daughter Athena. The entire exterior of this temple was decorated with a sculpted scene of an ancient battle between Zeus (with his fellow gods) against the Giants.

In 1878 a German archaeologist and engineer named Carl Humann started to discover the ruins of Pergamon. After decades of excavating and sweet talking the Ottoman empire, Humann managed to collect almost every remaining relic from this magnificent building. Everything was shipped to Berlin and a the temple has now been rebuilt inside the Pergamon Museum!!

I would never have gone to this museum, out of sheer ignorance of its existence. Semanta suggested it and I was happy to do anything (I’m in Berlin. Everything is more amazing in Berlin!!). But I am SO GLAD that I got to see this museum! The Pergamon exhibit was awe inspiring! And incredibly beautiful.

Here is a link to the Museum – http://www.smb.museum/smb/standorte/index.php?lang=en&objID=27&p=2 – you NEED to check this out.
The museum also has a recreation (but with chunks from the original) of the Ishtar Gate (from MFING BABYLON!!), TONNES of ‘Near Eastern’ artifacts and is just stuffed with beautiful things.
When you ALL come to Berlin, you absolutely have to check it out!!

After the museum Samanta walked me through the artsy streets near by. The is one particular alcove that I intend to revisit today so I can take 101 photos.
We had some wine in a dive-y bar that Sam had found down an alley, down an alley, down an alley. And then sauntered back to a restaurant arose the road from my apartment that made DAZZLING Chinese food.

I like it here.

I best be off. I’m still in my jammies and I have class in 25minutes.
Sorry for the long period between blogs. I’ll try to get more regular now that I’ve found reliable internets.

Love xx

Pictured – Red wine for me and Semanta (I promise the photos will be better than this in future)


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