So, wow, it’s been a while.
Sorry about that. I’ve been ill. (AGAIN!!! FEELMYFRUSTRATION!!)

Last we spoke (Ha!) I was recovering from my La Boheme experience.
With such a tempest swirling in my mind, I foolishly took my attentions away from the constant. freaking. maintenance required by my body.
With the various conditions and illnesses that I live with (honestly, I have no idea how I make any friends. I’m just a walking germ factory), I have developed an image of my physical self that looks quite similar to a squealing, grumpy two year old.
It demands constant attention and throws regular tantrums.
So my body was feeling neglected and, to recapture my attention, my body decided to produce terrible achey, snotty, flu-like symptoms. Hooray!(?)

I woke up on my last day in Dresden feeling like someone had run over my head with a truck. I had planned a walk with Pranav, but after an hour I was struggling to breath.
I took myself back to bed and just felt bitterly disappointed.
I left the bed once. For food and a search for vitamins.
Not an amazing day.

The next day, still feeling deathly, I had to leave Dresden and move on to Berlin.
Trying to navigate foreign rail stations while foggy of brain is very frustrating. But (due in no small part to German efficiency) I found myself on the right train.
I got off at Berlin hauptbahnhoff and it was MUTHAFREAKINGFREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped the first cab and went straight to my accommodation.

Side note: You may not know this but, I’m doing a 2 week language course in Berlin. I’m also staying in student accommodation affiliated with the school.
In the MILLIONS of emails I have been sent by the language school, no one thought to mention that I had to go to a nearby hotel to pick up the key to the apartment I was staying in.
Ok. Back to the story.

When I arrived at the apartment it looked SUPER dodgey.
I used the intercom to buzz the apartment. No answer. I buzzed the apartment repeatedly. No answer. I was beginning to get worried so I continued to buzz and eventually a very grumpy “JAAAAA!!!” echoed through the speaker.
I said that I was there for the language course accommodation. No answer. I buzzed some more. The door opened, and at the apartment door I was met by this random boy…who spoke no English.

After about an hour of my feeling panicky and the boy trying to ignore me, he eventually figured out that I had NO IDEA what was happening. He started to take pity on me and found me a piece of paper with an English explanation of the key situation. I struggled to ask him to stay in the apartment while I tried to get a key. I found the hotel. Got the key. Came back. Thanked the boy (though he was obviously too pissed with me to feel particularly appreciated) and FLUNG myself onto my allotted bed.
What a total fiasco!!

After a little while of feeling sorry for myself and bemoaning my fate as a lone traveler, I realised that I was starving. I took myself out for some foods and found the most GORGEOUS cafe called St. Oberhalz. It’s wonderfully decorated, staffed by stupidly good looking waiters/waitresses, served amazing food AND HAD FREE FREAKING WIFI!!!!!
Instantly everything was better.

While lapping up this free access, I managed to organise for my sweet friend Conan (the guy I almost saw in Dresden) to come join me for a beer.
It was truly wonderful to see a familiar face!!

Upon my return to the apartment, I found a random girl sitting in the kitchen. I said hello, and suddenly ANOTHER girl entered!
It was such a wonderful relief to see ladies! Who spoke English!!
I am currently living with Roisin from Scotland, Eden from Switzerland (the French part) and Marco from Switzerland (the Italian part). Roisin is in the beginners German course with me!! Hooray!

So, today (08/10) was my first class at the language course.
My accommodation and the school are REALLY centrally located and yet hidden in this tiny hipster suburb. The entrance to the school is a whole in the wall that is almost completely concealed by the ivy growing on the building!
My teacher’s name is Ludwig (I know, right?! MEGASQWEE!!) and my class has about 8 people. The classes run from 9am-1pm and I already feel like I’ve learned a lot.

After class today, Roisin and I went for lunch and a stroll around.
We accidentally found ourselves at the Alexander Platz and the Lust Garten.
It has been so lovely to have a companion! To walk about with, to eat with and to laugh with. We’ve known each other for 24hr but I already know that I’m going to miss her when she leaves at the end of the week.
She’s traveling, solo, for 5 MONTHS!! She is super brave.

Alright, I’m exhausted and I have class tomorrow (LOL!!).
Good night my sweets.
Hope you’re enjoying daylight savings!!

Pictured – the view from my train, cafe St. Oberhalz, a random art installation near Lust Garten that pinpointed stories of sweet things what have happened in Berlin (super. freaking. cute.) & the roof of the Berliner Dom which is a mighty cathedral in the Lust Garten.




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