Tunisian guys are a little stalker-y

After getting to bed at 3.30am last night, I was destroyed this morning.
I vaguely remembered organizing with Pranav to meet at 10am in the common room to go for a walk. I was almost sure that he would’ve forgotten, but I dragged my ass out of bed and got ready.
Pranav totally did remember and we spent a few hours wandering. I have been so lucky!! Two guided tours in as many days!!

The Neustadt is SUCH an interesting place. There are several alleyways that lead to small, beautifully gardened courtyards that provide views of the amazing and innovative architecture employed in the various apartment buildings. The Neustadt is almost comepletely over run by young children in the cutest little outfits (alternative babies are the best kind of babies). The walls of almost every building is decorated with a graffiti art piece.
I’m visually in love with this place.

After our walk, Pranav went home and I headed to The SemperOpera for a tour of the interior (in English!! FTW).
On the way there I got….how should I put this…attacked? Attacked has too many negative connotations. Let’s say accosted, by this random Tunisian Guy named Badr.
We were walking in opposite directions and he decided that he wanted my attention. I tried to do that awkward “shuffle away” move that I regularly employ when strangers try to get my attention. But he grabbed me (don’t freak out. It wasn’t violent. It was just unwelcome) and started rambling at me in rapid fire deutsch. I told him I couldn’t speak German, so he started rambling in another language that I didn’t understand. I shrugged and tried to leave, but he wouldn’t let me. Eventually he realised that I only spoke English, which he didn’t have much facility with, and he started trying to cajole me into giving him my phone number. I said my phone didn’t work. This didn’t not help. I told him I was late and had to go. Also not helpful. I lied and told him I had a boyfriend. This totally backfired on me and he became even more vehement.
I managed to escape by giving him my email address (I mean, what harm can he do with that?) and literally running away.

I finally made it to the SemperOpera for my tour and, holy Moses, the interior of this building is unforgettably beautiful.
Almost every surface was painted by hand and every individual art work was modeled closely on the art that would have been display before the 1945 bombings tore the building apart.
I cannot tell you how excited I am about going to the Opera tomorrow night.

I walked home through light rain with my earphones blaring the Magnetic Fields. It was too perfect.

However, Badr saw me walking. He ran up behind me and grabbed me (again).
Startled, I turned immediately around to see who dared to have their hands on me (who else, right?!). He insisted that I take his phone number. I did. He asked me for mine again. I said no. He pleaded. So I told him that, if ever I got my phone working, I would definitely call him.
My phone is working fine. I have absolutely no intention of ever seeing him again.
Thankfully he was hopping the 6.30pm train to Hamburg for the next month so I’ll never have to worry about his mildly stalkerish behaviors again.

Before I left for Europe, I remember having several conversations with my single Aussie girlfriends about how ALL (Hooray for generalistaions!) Australian boys are just a bit shit at coming up to a girl and saying ‘Hey, you seem cool. Wanna get a drink?’ So I was deemed exceptionally lucky to be visiting Europe because European boys are more at ease with approaching the opposite sex.
But I think we can all learn from the boys I have encountered in Dresden.
Sweet Park Guy introduced himself kindly, didn’t make me feel bad that I didn’t want to smoke with him, and was just relaxed and friendly.
Badr the Stalker-Weirdo was really grabby, pushy and wouldn’t take no for an answer despite knowing that he was making me uncomfortable.
Dont be like Badr. Be like Park Guy.
End of Lesson.

Ok kiddos, I need to head back to the hostel now.
There is a ‘Night Tour’ of the Neustadt (kind of a pub crawl type thing. But with history!) leaving at 9pm and it sounds great.
I hope you’re all well and happy and being doused in sunshine!

Pictured – inside a Neustadt court yard and a roof pointing from the SemperOpera, featuring; Poetic Justice, Faust, Pamino & Tamina, King Lear, Joan of Arc and other famous characters.



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