Na Shledanou Prague

Alright my lovelies, I tried to cram 3 days worth of stories into 1 blog.
However, this would have resulted in a barrage of text and nonsense. So I’ve decided to divide the past three days by country. I spent all of September 30 and part of October 1st in Prague and the Part of October 1st and all of the 2nd in Dresden. Blog 1 – Na Shledanou to Prague. Blog 2 – Guten Tag to Dresden.

Blog 1
September 30 – final day in Prague
I promised myself that, after several days of constant walking and a terribly aching hip, that I would spend my last day sitting somewhere scenic and (FINALLY) having a Czech beer or 2.It didn’t quite work out like that.
I made my way into the Old Centre and had a leisurely breaky in an incredibly opulent, art deco restaurant. Which I later learned was used in the movie XXX with Vin Diesel. (Yay for me?)
Then, despite the previous days LACK of success in finding either the Communism Museum or the Museum of Sex Toys, I decided to look for the Mucha Museum. I have to thank the stars that I found it. I enjoyed it so very much.
It is very little. About 3 rooms in total. But this museum houses such incredible works!! If you haven’t discovered Alphonse Mucha then, for gods sake, GOOGLE HIM IMMEDIATELY!!! I’m desperately in love with almost every piece he produced.

After Mucha I found myself the perfect spot for a beer and some ice cream in an outdoor cafe in front of the Astronomical clock. Sadly, some tired English old bitties literally kicked me off my table (mid beer!!) so my perfect spot was lost.
For some reason, this got me very pissed off. Which then opened the flood gates of all the stressful, stupid and hurtful things that have happened in my life lately to come flooding back into my recollection. I stomped all the way home with a storm cloud over my head.

Thankfully, in a previous attack of loneliness, I had bought a copy of ‘Tripod versus the Dragon’. I giggled for the hour and a bit’s duration and regained the energy needed to pack and tidy my apartment.

October 1 – in transit
I got to Hlavni Nadrazi (the main train station in Prague) with an hour to spare so wandered and shopped. I already had WAAAY too much stuff, so what inspired me to buy more shit is entirely baffling to me now. As soon as I find a post office in Dresden i’ma send it all to my muma.
Eventually jumped on my train, with all of my things (thank fuck), and began my journey to Dresden.

I really MUST thank my dear friend Rebecca for talking me into buying a first class Eurail ticket. The First class carriage was just gorgeous and tremendously comfortable. (Especially for an incredibly anxious, first time rail traveler like me!)
In a cabin built for 6, I had only one companion. She was a sweet and talkative lady from Berlin. She had just undergone surgery (and was taking a 5 hr train ride home?! Ze Germans!!) so we got to talking when I noticed her struggling with her bags and tried to help.
We discussed Australian road rules, immigration in our shared nations, the mountains in Dresden and chocolate. It was really nice to have a conversation, in English, with someone who could understand me!!
I bid her farewell at the Dresden HBF and jumped a cab to my hostel.

I’ll leave it here and spare you’re eyes from the glare of text.
Love to you all

Pictured – Inside the art deco restaurant, a window at the Mucha Museum



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