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Blog 2

October 1 – continued
My hostel is hilarious. It’s called Lollis Homestay, it’s a tiny, thin building wedged between several others. There is a beer bottle chandelier in the common room and a really hippy vibe.
As luck would have it, a friend of mine from Canberra (Master Co-nananananan) was leaving my hostel as I was arriving. So we arranged to have a beer before he ran off to Berlin. However, he spent a little to long farewelling a certain new Polish friend (winkywinks), so he was running TREMENDOUSLY late by the time we caught up and he had just enough time for me to walk him up the street. We’re now planning to meet in Berlin, to make up for lost time.

Wandering back to my hostel with nothing to do, a pretty blond girl asked me if I would like one of the “best pancakes in Dresden!” I hesitated at first but she seemed nice. As I went to grab my wallet she insisted that it was free. When I asked why, she asked me how I felt about Jesus Christ Our Saviour. (Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck!)
I always find that question incredibly disconcerting. I believe that a person’s spiritual journey is incredibly personal; and thus private. It feels, to me at least, like I’m being asked if I think my bowel movements are particularly regular.
It was an awkward interaction.
I said she was lucky to feel to secure in her faith and I thanked her for the pancake.
It wasn’t a very good pancake.

When I got back to my Hostel, they were having their ‘Monday night Barbecue!’
My god, I don’t think I have every behaved more awkwardly in my life. I was so anxious about introducing myself that I chose the most active conversation, waited for a lull in the discussion, and very loudly said “I’M GOING TO INSINUATE MYSELF IN YOUR CONVERSATION BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW ANYONE AND. . . YEAH.” (Dear God.)
Thankfully the group was made up of people at a similar ‘weirdness level’ as I.
There was the Polish street performer. The local with the american accent. The guy from Mumbai who was hitting on the girl from a small German town, who had just moved to Dresden to start uni. And the French girl, named Juliette, from Paris. (Seriously? Seriously.)
The group was dripping with ‘cool’ in that simultaneously enticing but sickening kind of way.
We spent a few hours laughing about nothing until I got cold and took myself to bed.

October 2 – the first day in Dresden
I had planned to do some reading on the train to Dresden Re: places to go. This didn’t happen due to my felicitous encounter with the lovely Berliner.
So today I woke up with no idea what to do and where to go.
I decided to just walk towards the oldest building I could see in the skyline and, actually, it worked perfectly.
My hostel is about 15mins walk to the Altstadt (Old Town) which is littered with Gothic and Baroque architecture and dotted with museums and cafes.
I spent most of my day at the Zwinger, a series of baroque buildings that enclose a beautiful square. It was originally designed to house festivals! But now each building houses a different museum.

I spent 4 hrs in the Dresden “Old Masters Gallery”.
The collection is impressive, with the Sistine Madonna as its ‘piece de resistance’.
Honestly, the building is not well suited for a gallery. The lighting is terrible and you have to walk all around the room to try and get the glare of the picture you’re admiring. But the building interiors are so impressively beautiful that you can’t help but forgive it’s sins.

I took some photos of the newly restored Semper Opera building and then spent 75€ on a ticket to see La Boheme on Friday night.
Words cannot express how excited I am about this.
The Semper Opera is such a stunning building, and this will be the first time I’ve ever seen La Boheme.
It’s an expensive ticket. (Bleeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrggg!!) But given the opportunity to see La Boheme at the Semper Opera in Dresden, what would you do?

At this point my legs were starting to give out. So I decided to head home.
I accidentally took a wrong turn and found a little fair with a Ferris Wheel and some local stalls. (It was just stupidly charming. I couldn’t help but detour for a while!!) I eventually found my way again, plodded back to the hostel and promptly fell asleep.

I woke this evening, knowing I needed to eat but hating the idea of leaving my room.
However, I’m certainly glad I did.
About a block up from my hostel is a magical little wine bar called ‘VinBISTRO Görlitzer Platz’ where I have imbibed (freaking fantastic!!) red wine, enjoyed a light dinner and drafted my blogs. The jazzy sound track is the perfect mix of still and energetic. Inspiring and nostalgic. The menu is a lot more expensive then that of the other restaurants on this street but it looked so inviting that I couldn’t say no.

With the wine and the music and the promise of further adventure, I feel simultaneously filled with energy and a quiet peace. This is a gorgeous moment in time for me and I hope I never forget it.

And with that, I will sing off. I hope you all feel suitably caught up.
I really must say a massive thank you, to you all, for reading my blogs.
I never knew how much I would enjoy writing them. And it fills me with tremendous joy to know that they are being read.

Good night my darling ones.

Pictured – Inside the Zwinger, the Semper Opera



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