High fives

Before we start today’s entry, a tiny bit of house keeping;
– Tomorrow (Sunday the 30th), I refuse to do much touristing. I’ma find a quiet bar with a view, drink beer and read. I wanna play local, and I’m really looking forward to it. This may mean that I won’t be blogging tomorrow. Which would make this, my final blog from Prague.
– The day after (Monday 1st of October) I will be leaving Prague for Dresden. I’ll be i’ma sit most of the day an I’m not sure of the wifi situation so there will be no blog.
– I’m not sure of the Internet situation for Dresden so the blog will probably slow to an entry every couple of day or so. There may also be less pictures, due to download limits.

For all of these things, I ask you to forgive me.

Forgiven? Okidoke, let’s get started.

Today’s main event was a free (and in English, Ferk yerh!) tour of the Old Town and Josefov (the Jewish quarter).

I had the tour booked for 2pm so I planned to see the Museum of Communism and the Sex Toy Museum (I saw photos from a friends previous trip, too crazy to miss) beforehand.
I managed not to find either museum. However, I did find the John Lennon graffiti wall!! It’s cool. But it has definitely been scrawled over with rather unimaginative tagging. The remaining Lennon and Beatles art is fantastic though. I also wandered, took photos of the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock and bought MORE FREAKING SOUVENIRS!!!

With four days sans vomitus episode under my belt, I decided to y my luck with some local fare. First, a Trdelnik. It’s a kind of sugary ring of bread served hot and to be consumed immediately. You get a 2″ long and 1″ diameter ring of this sweet bread thing, and it’s super
Next there was Goulash. I like goulash. Goulash likes me. There is very little wrong with meat soup. I mean, except that it uses meat. But we won’t get into my hypocritical meat eating guilts right now.

When I eventually found my tour guide, I was put into a kind but quite group. I was getting pretty upset about it cuz I wanted to meet some peeps, but then I heard our guide talking to this couple about how they were from Sydney. I sidled up to them, introduced myself as a fellow Australian, and they kindly adopted me for the 3hrs we had together. Steve (an IT engineer) and Renee (from an NGO in Sydney that helps homeless youths) were very sweet, friendly and adorably newly wed. we walked together, chatted about the joy of traveling, discussed the ‘must see’ sights of Prague and enjoyed each others accents. It was really fun.

Half way through the tour it started to rain. When the tour ended I bid farewell to Steve and Renee and started to head home.
Prague in the rain, is busy, slippery when cobbled and lovely. The rain always fell on the statues of Charles bridge in the most artful way.
In the tram home I stood to give my seat to an old man. He thanked me profusely and gave me a boiled lolly. It was one of the sweetest things to have happened in my trip so far.

I will be so so sad to leave Prague. But every time I prepare to leave a city, I prepare a mental list of all the things I WILL see WHEN I return.

One special note I would like to make, I went on my free tour with NewEurope and I was really impressed! If you’re in Prague and looking for a tour, they’re the guys with the red thirsts and umbrellas. My guide was very knowledgable and friendly and excited about spreading Czech culture. I would really recommend it. The do tours in Berlin and a number of other cities and I will definitely tour with them again on this trip.
The tours aren’t strictly free though. You pay nothing upfront but you can “tip” the guide at the end of the tour for however much you think the tour was worth. I gave my guide 200cz (about $10aud) and that was very very appreciated.

On a completely unrelated note, when I got home this evening I started to dancing to my iPod. My body VERY quickly protested. I doubt that there will be much booty wiggling on this trip. Sad for me. But I intend to keep trying! šŸ˜›

Hope you’re all well.

Pictured – The incomparable John Lennon, a full on Jesus from Charles bridge (seriously, dead and dying Jesus is EVERYWHERE here!), a statue to commemorate the premiere of Mozart’s Don Giovanni at Pragues Estates Theatre, a statue of Kafka riding the blind, headless, feetless and handless man at the beginning of Josefov





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