The problem (if you can call it so) with doing something remarkable everyday, is that you forget to chronicle those small epiphanies that make travel so important for the self.

I’ve done a number of cool things today, but I don’t really feel like weaving stories. Don’t worry, I’m not upset or anything. I just feel like writing down a few things that are a little less specific first.

Having been left to my own devices, some strange things have been happening.
– I’ve found myself pondering the strangest things! Like why aren’t there many good four letter words. Over the past few days I’ve come up with ‘good’ and ‘love’ (and, hey, that’s not always a good word) but that’s it.
– I’m learning that I’m actually quite a frightened rabbit. Every night that I have been in Prague, I’ve made sure I was home before 7.30. Now, this was a fairly strategic decision, to avoid late night trips on Public Trans back to my somewhat remote accommodations. And, to be honest, it’s been great! I’m getting tonnes of sleep, eating a healthy (and V cheap) dinner every night and I’ve had lots of time to blog. But I know that I’m missing out on the terrific Prague night life. Tonight it was just darker than dusk as I walked the 1 minute from the tram stop to my front door. And I was frightened. I had no reason to be. There were a few people walking around at the time, all seeming quite upstanding. No one else was feeling uneasy. Except for me. I hope that, having taken myself so far out of my comfort zone by traveling alone, to work on this.
– Generally speaking, I eat WAAAY too much for a person my size. While in Prague, I have been fighting with a very VERY sensitive stomach. So, despite the over abundance of tasty street meats, I’ve been very careful with what I’ve been eating. And it’s freaking remarkable how little food I actually need! This is revelatory to me! And probably to anyone who has ever seen me eat before. I really really want to hold onto this realization for when I turn.

Things I’ve noticed about Prague;
– There are A LOT of people with leg injuries here!!! Healthy looking teens, thirty somethings and the elderly, all catching trams with crutches!!
– People here are super considerate of others on Public Transport. Everyone stands to offer their seat for the elderly, pregnant, infirm or anyone carrying too many bags. It’s so lovely to see!
– Prague is a very child friendly city! Kids and their parents are always out and about. Everyone loves seeing the happy kids and nobody makes a big deal if they cry. Actually, today I saw a police car pull over so that the police man inside could go and hug a small child in a make shift police uniform. The kid was about 5 or 6 years old and you could see his heart just leap with joy. Too. Freaking. Cute.
– Prague is also very dog friendly. They were all out today. Mainly small dogs, like dachshunds and spaniels, but there were a few wolves too. Which brought me to another realization, that I MUST have a dog when I grow up. I just love them too much from a far.
– Prague doesn’t like my outfits. Lolz. I’ve had 2 days now where almost everyone I walk past has looked me up and down and given a confused chuckle. I mean, I’m not making any massive fashion statements. Well, not intentionally anyways.

Ok. Enough self-indulgent musing. Back to the stories.

Today I went to Prague Zoo. It’s not a common tourist attraction but it’s really great!!
In 2002 the Zoo suffered a terrible flood. (Seriously guys, you have to read this: ) So, over the past 10 years, the Zoo has been slowly rebuilt and transformed into a state of the art facility for animals and humans alike. It’s almost finished, only the elephant, hippo, zebra and giraffe enclosures to go.
I spent about 5hrs just traipsing about and sqweeing at the various animalia. As most will know, I totally love going to Zoos. But I think that anyone would enjoy this particular zoo. The enclosures are built with a lot of love for their inhabitants and let’s us gawking visitors get nice and close. It’s especially great for photos! And it’s massive!! It’s half a hillside and there is a chairlift to get from top to bottom!
Actually, I did the chair lift. Up and down. And my TOTALLY RATIONAL fear of heights did not get the better of me. I literally shivered with fright all the way up and down but, hey, I did it.

After the Zoo I headed back to Wenceslas square to check out the national museum. Sadly all of the exhibitions have been removed in preparation for a 5 year renovation project, do I didn’t get to see inside. I did, however, check out a smaller museum devoted to Czech invention.
Without the incomparable scientific minds of the Czech Republic/Bohemia, we would not have;
– The cure and irradication of small pox
– The device that separate honey from honeycomb
– Contact lenses
– The categorization of blood types
– The electric tram
– Our current conception of school, with terms and holidays and classes divided by age and ability
And countless things that I’m forgetting! (Honestly, my mind is so full of stuff right now that I’m surprised that I remember my own name!!!)

After all this I did a early evening shopping. Picked myself up a bright orange trench coat for 500cz (about $25 aud). Actually, shopping this evening had me talking to myself really badly. I needed to be practical; there isn’t ANY spare room in my suitcase and I’m at the beginning of a holiday that I’m still yet to pay for. So if I wanted something it had to pack small and cost very little. My internal discussions about all the cute things I wanted, very quickly, became external. I felt sorry for any English speakers who may have walked past (there may have been a lot of swearing).

Now I’m home, resting my overworked feet and trying to muster the energy to make dinner.

Love to you all.

Pictured – A flock of flamingos, the view from the chair lift, the statue of St. Wenceslas in front of the national museum, Wenceslas Square






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