A universal truth

Hello my lovely readers.
We all know that this blog spits nothing but the truth, and that everything I say should be agreed with and taken as your personal gospel. (choughWankercough)
Let me spin you an absolute, unquestionable, truth…
EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO PRAGUE!!! Immediately, if not sooner.

It is a city of lovely welcoming locals, beautiful architecture, fascinating history and shoes!! 😀

Because I know you’ll all be booking your tickets as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog, here are a few interesting observations from this gorgeous city;
– the closer you get to Prague Castle, the older and more beautiful everything becomes.
– the closer you get to Prague Castle, the more likely it is that the shop assistants etc. will speak English and find it completely endearing when you say “thank you” in Czech.
– the public transport system is super cheap and reliable. I have mainly caught trams so far but the train stations are very easy to navigate.

A few things to note;
– most of the streets are cobbled, which makes for gorgeous photos and sore feet. Make sure to have a good pair of sneakers with you.
– Czech drivers are very respectful of pedestrian crossings but not necessarily pedestrians crossing. People are in a hurry, so keep your eyes open.
– the Prague underground has a “unique” rising smell (like sulphur and wet animal). Thankfully you will only come into contact with this around construction sites. But it’s pretty bad.

You may be wandering where this sudden and glowing appraisal of Prague has come from? Well, today I went to Prague Catsle. And it is too beautiful!!

The Castle is massive and made up of several buildings. I spent the whole day there and I didn’t see it all. The most impressive building, by far, is the St. Vitus cathedral. But each wing of the palace is lovely. Several of the buildings have been turned into small museums commemorating the Czech royal families or the construction of the palace or the various artisans that lived in this pseudo city. WHEN you all go to Prague and visit Prague castle, I would make a few suggestions;
– buy a long visit ticket. It gets you in to see almost every building and cost me about 350czk (around $15aud).
– get one of the audio tour devices. And buy it for the whole day! Because of a particularly douchey guy behind the counter, I only got the audio tour for 3hrs and it just wasn’t enough.
– you MUST see the midday concert at the Lobkowicz Palace (one of the final wings of the castle). The 60minute concert provides a mix of Czech and World classical music. You may not be a big fan of classical music, but honestly, in this setting it was such a joy.
– on that note, you should defs have lunch I the Lobkowicz palace cafe. It’s really quick. It’s super fresh. The waiters all speak English (and are mostly quite handsome!). And the balconies provide breathtaking views of the gardens surrounding the palace.

Honestly, the only reason I’m home right now to blog is because the various buildings mainly close at 5pm.

I could gush forever but I want you to go discover it for yourselves. So I will leave you with some photos instead.


Pictured – St. Vitus, one of Vitus’ stained glass windows, my first local delicacy ‘onion soup’, the beautiful day that was, a marching guard that almost bowled me over.






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