Beautiful tears in Prague

So, today I managed to leave the apartment WITH my camera but WITHOUT the battery inside it.
Remarkable, right?

And I was successful with only one of my three tasks for the day. I FINALLY managed to book a seat on my train to Dresden. -1000 stress points for my overstimulated brain. (massive sigh of relief)

Now, to the interesting stuff. Despite my plans to see Prague Castle, I found myself at Charles Bridge and was totally overwhelmed by how beautiful and vibrant and foreign and amazing it was. I was looking over the water at the ornate roofs of the myriad gothic buildings and it actually made me teary!! And definitely in a good way.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here. People!!! I’m in Prague!!!
And I got myself here almost entirely by myself! (I mean, there was birthday money from several years rolled into this particular trip but still)
How can it be that a 23 year old girl, clueless about almost everything, is lucky enough to have 2 months off in Europe???
There are people in the world who struggle daily to eat, and I’m teary in Prague.
All I can say is, I feel tremendously blessed to have been born in Australia to brilliantly supportive parents and to have found myself surrounded by an amazing family and a glittering circle of friends.

Not feeling that lonely anymore. But my feet hurt. 😛

If I could, I would scoop you all up and have you with me. But in Lou of that, I’ll just keep posting blogs and photos and miss you all dearly.


P.s. (Mama, you will love this!)
I accidentally found myself at the Church and Palace of the Knights of Malta!! Complete accident. But a happy one. (photo below)

Pictured – The Astronomical clock in the Old Town centre, the entrance to Charles Bridge, inside the Church of the Knights of Malta and a few shots from my apartment.






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