A stumble tour of Prague

Hello my lovelies! Felicitously my apartment comes with free wifi. WINNING!!
So I thought I would pop in and tell you about my first proper day in Prague.

Ok. First things first. I’m pretty lonely.
I’ve been told that traveling by oneself is liberating and usually a great pleasure. However, being the kind of person who finds energy in being around people, I’ve been finding it hard to while away the hours that I have to myself. (Thank god for my blog and Facebook!)

Secondly, my apartment really is wonderful. It’s a spacious attic apartment about 30mins away from the centre. It’s a simple tram ride to almost every main tourist sight and a restful space to find oneself after a day of exploring. Now that I’ve tidied the place up (it looked like a bomb hit it after my unwell arrival and hurried departure this morning) I’ll try to take some photos of it. It has the BEST SHOWER EVER!! And the lady I booked it through has been nothing but and angel of help and kindness. I’m so grateful for her assistance and patience with this first time traveler.

Thirdly, the stumble tour. So today I took a blind wander through Prague central. I accidentally found myself at the new town hall and the church of our lady of the snow. I wandered the Cobbled streets and marveled at the common architectural contrast between baroque ornamentation and 70’s cubist simplicity. There is a shoe store on every corner!! And as a shoe fiend with a limited suitcase, this is killing me.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to find Prague castle. Hopefully I will.

Tips for the n00bs;
– It has been RIDONCULOUSLY helpful that I learned a few key words and phrases in Czech. Hello, goodbye, please, thank you, yes, no, ‘I would like’ & ‘Sorry, I don’t speak ___’ should be standard learning before heading to any country.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble reserving a seat for my train to Dresden and topping up the credit for my sim card. These will be tomorrow’s uncomfortable broken Czech exchanges. Hooray?


Pictured – The new town hall, inside the church, an unexpected westernization.




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