London to Prague. And a note on the health of a traveler.

And now we’re all caught up.

Today I did the haul from London to Prague. Carrying all my bags was very difficult. After several days of carrying packs my shoulders are KILLING ME! Then when I went to catch my coach to the airport, the coach drivers were refusing to take my ticket number because I didn’t have a hard copy. They eventually let me ride after a furious exchange with one of the drivers. Got to the airport with MERE MINUTES to spare and the airline had instated a new ‘1 item of hand luggage rule’ so I had to check my unlocked backpack. I had JUST enough time to RUN through the airport, board my flight and narrowly avoid an anxiety attack.

On top of all this, since arriving in London I have been having the weirdest health issues! All of which were in full force today.

For the past 8 days I have been feeling utterly exhausted, perpetually nauseous, constantly on the verge of a migraine and kinda womby. For the first time in my life I have excema! And only in one spot on my lower back. I’ve been waking everyday from pain in my neck and shoulders. And all of these symptoms together are becoming utterly exhausting.

Advice for traveling n00bs;
– Go to the trouble of getting a little fitter before you travel. You’ll be glad for it.
– If you have a pre existing condition, make sure to pack EVERYTHING you need for a worst case scenario situation. After my endo attack, had I been without my full pain management regimen, I don’t know if I’d still be in Europe.
– Mineral water and plain chips are incredibly useful for a nauseous tum.

I’m staying in a beautiful apartment in Prague that I organized through Airbnb. The contact for the apartment has been wonderfully accommodating! She organized for an English speaking cab to collect me from the airport. She personally welcomed me at the door. And she prepared a pile of maps and guides to help me plan my stay. She’s been a total treat.

On a quick jaunt to the shops, I managed to spew my guts up in a local park. That felt pretty awesome. I had just enough energy to buy the freshest fruit and veg that I could find and RUN back to my apartment. Sigh.

After a shower, some dinner and some blogging, I’m feeling much better. Fingers crossed that it lasts. Now all I need to do is get past how lonely I feel!

Don’t worry my loves, I’ll be fine.

Not pictures yet. Sorry!

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