London catch up – 22/09/12

Feeling 1000 times better from the night before, my gorgeous cousin Tina and I headed off to the Camden markets.
Within about 15 minutes I knew that I would be very happy living in Camden (which I’m sure will permanently etch my name in the Hipster Hall of fame). The markets were in dimly vibrant, eclectic and frequented by every demographic. It was delightful. I bought WAAAAAY too many scarves.

Around midday Yolande came to join us. The trio had a sneaky drink before Landie and I bid farewell to Tina so that she could return to her wonderful family. Landie and I wandered some more before heading to Angel Islington (I know, right?!) to meet some more of my lovely family, Brad and Jen Woods.

Landie and I had a drink at a skeezy dive called “Round Midnight” (loved it!) before joining the Woodses at “a hundred crows rising” (just lovely. If you’re ever in Islington, get on it) for dinner and cuddles. It was wonderful finding Brad and Jen in London. Surreal, amazing and a memory I will hold dearly.

After dinner Landie and I flopped in and exhausted heap back at her place.


Pictured – Some Camden market colour




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