London catch up – 20/09/12

Ok. So I’m not technically in London anymore.
However, between running around crazy and feeling really sick (more on that later), I had no time for blogging!! Now that I’m safely ensconced in Prague, i’ma catch you up on my adventure this far.

SO! It was Thursday the 20th of September and Yolande and I were headed to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. Little did we know of the epicnosity that this morning would reach.
We bought tickets for the tour but we were warned that this would be a “silent tour” because rehearsals were running for the current production of Twelfth Night. We wandered through the museum (which is completely amazing!!) and headed off for our tour. When we entered the theatre the stage was busy. Soon I noticed a man who looked like Stephen Fry. Suddenly I realized that he was ACTUALLY STEPHEN FRY!!!! He was rehearsing the role of Malvolio. It was a tech rehearsal so there shouldn’t have been much action to watch. But, as if he could feel my wishing, Stephen and his cohort ran the scene!! I got to see Fry, as Malvolio, discover the planted letter from his Mistress and convince himself that she must love him too!!! It was GLORIOUS!!

We did other things that day. Went to the Borough Markets for lunch (gorgeous fun and AMAZING FOOD! I got to taste wild board!!), Got Yolande enrolled for her masters program (sneaky celebration beer ensued) and went to the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see Private Peaceful (what I saw was fantastic!! But I was so lagged that I kept falling asleep! Shame.). However, nothing will compare to seeing Stephen Fry as Malvolio. Not. One. Thing.


Pictured below, the Globe, me & will, Theatre Royal Haymarket




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