Kent. Is. GORGEOUS!!!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been staying in Kent with some new found relatives.
Tina and her family have been kind, generous and incredibly welcoming.

Kent in the daylight is terribly beautiful. I’m staying in a fairly historic and well to do area. All of the houses look like you would find Narnia in one of their cupboards. The roads are over grown with greenery that, quite literally, builds magical green archways to drive through. I could spend days just driving around this place.

For my first day in England, Tina kindly took the day off work to show me around her local area. There is an amazing lavender farm within 15 minutes of my new abode, where you can buy all kinds of lavender related accoutrement and local produce (honestly, it was lavender scented heaven!!).

That night I got to meet Tina’s lovely husband and awesome little daughter. Ruby is super playful and incredibly clever (like another little Ruby that I know! πŸ™‚ ) and Brian is vey funny and kind and (quite delightfully) British.

One of my FAVOURITE things about Kent (and, let’s face it, probably all of the greater London areas) is the use of completely traditional st names/suburb names/pub names despite its hilarious ridiculosity. Around the corner is a street called ‘cocksmanning drive’, there’s a pub in the next suburb called the ‘cock inn’ and the next suburb over is called ‘Prattsbottom’ (I’m not even kidding). As a girl with the sense of humor of an 11 year old boy, I am finding this ENDLESSLY entertaining. πŸ˜€

Today’s lesson for the newbie traveller;
– There is no way to avoid it, Jet Lag will catch up to you. But try not to nap. I was sitting on Tina’s couch in the afternoon and 10mins later I was asleep ON MY FACE!! When I woke up I felt really rubbish, and this feeling continued through out the evening until I eventually went to bed.

– On a whim I decided to pack some Berocca for my trip. Best idea ever. Having a Berocca in the morn with some vitamin C and echinacea has really helped me manage the Jet Lag.

– When using an International power adapter, it’s always best to switch off at the wall before trying to unplug. I managed to short circuit Tina’s whole house within my first 24hrs in the UK. Best. Houseguest. Ever.

Now, I’ve somehow managed to misplace (or not pack!! Blerg) my photo card reader, so I’ll only be able to post silly photos from my iPhone for the next few posts (boo!). But I’ll try to have this sorted fairly soon. I’ve also been having to teach myself to remember to take photos!! I’ve been so enraptured by the many splendid sights that I kept forgetting to capture them!!
I’ll post some Kent photos once I’ve sorted out this camera card business. SORRY!!!


P.S. Tina told me that there are Pykies living near by!!! (and when she said this, I sqweeeeed like a child!!!)

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