Hong Kong to London

Hong Kong airport is lovely. 7hrs was a little too long to spend there, but I was very impressed.
They have these amazing little rooms for smokers INSIDE THE AIRPORT!! I mean, it seems a little second hand smoke-y. But I think it’s very considerate!

The flight to London was 12 sleepless hours of bad American sitcoms and dimly lite sudokus. I watched Patty Chaefsky’s Network on the flight. If ever you wanted to terrify yourself about the machinations behind modern media, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

And now for some new found travel wisdoms…
1- Don’t wear new shoes on a long haul flight. Your feet will swell and make you want to kill everyone.
2- Heathrow will ALWAYS be busy. Not matter what day, or time. Always.
3- When picking up your bags at Heathrow, sometimes people will take your bag off the conveyer belt and leave it in the middle of the room FOR NO PERCEPTIBLE REASON! (I waited for my bag for 45mins, made a claim with lost baggage and almost burst out crying before some kind security dude approached me with my bag)

At Heathrow I met the wonderful Tina W, a distant relative whom I’d never met but had been assured was lovely. Tina, her husband and her gorgeous daughter Ruby have kindly offered to have me stay with them in they totally DARLING house in Kent for the next few days.

Goddam, Kent is pretty!! I’ve only seen it in the dark so far, but it is absolutely picturesque! (pictures to come)

Okidoke, best stop writing and start living.

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