Melbourne to Hong Kong

Okidoke. A few observations to begin this blog post;

  • I still suck at the mechanics of blog posting. But I promise to get better. (I can’t promise that the jokes will get better, but as most of my readers are also my friends, I’m sure you’re used to my “singular humor” by now)
  • So far, I have been in Hong Kong airport for about an hour (1 down. 6 to go) and I’ve already decided that I must come back and see the city! Whether it was the misty mountain scene as I landed, or the discovery of a Hello Kitty plane, I feel convinced that I would like it here.

Leaving my parents in Melbourne was difficult. I could feel their anxieties acutely. And my parents are so gorgeous when they’re worrying for my well being. The flight was long and I barely slept. I thought I would console myself by watching the new Disney movie Brave, but I ended up crying like a self conscious little girl. Which terrified the kind business man sitting next to me.

Now I’m in the airport, eating waffles and sending a stream of emails as proof that I’m still alive.

I’ll try to let you know How the Hong Kong-London leg goes.

P.S. Please excuse tue quality of the photos below. They were taken through some many airport windows. 😛




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